About Us

Olympus Organic (OO) was founded by George Dimakos (Greek), Leon Angelopoulos (Australian Greek) and Doug Wheeler (Australian), all of whom share a strong belief in natures purity. Starting with certified organic fields through to low machine processing ensures our products natural purity is maintained from seed to first sip. Ensuring both natural flavours and maximum natural benefits to health and well being.

OO founders personally source only the best certified organic products in the fields surrounding Mount Olympus in Greece, known for millennia (since 700BC) to have the best soils, climate and winds for organic cultivation. At OO we work with our grower partners from seed through to shipment to ensure our customers receive not only a dual certified organic product, but also the purest form achievable through our low machine processing workflow.


Greece has been an ancient innovator in the medicinal use of natural herbs for millennia; starting when Hippocrates (the father of modern medicine) catalogued 400 herbs and their effect on human health, many of these are still used today. Aristotle later requested to learn how cultures around the world use medicinal plants. Alexander the Great through his travels sent both cuttings of plants and their local knowledge home to Greece so they could be grown and further studied over the coming centuries.

Following extensive trips to Greece and sourced through extended family, OO and the world are rediscovering the power of natural organic herbal teas and their numerous health benefits. Olympus Organic encourage everyone to "Empower your health" through the purest herbal teas available!