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Sideritis Scardica (Greek Mountain Tea) 40gm / 40 cups
Sideritis Scardica (Greek Mountain Tea) 40gm / 40 cups
Sideritis Scardica (Greek Mountain Tea) 40gm / 40 cups

Sideritis Scardica (Greek Mountain Tea) 40gm / 40 cups

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Sideritis Scardica (Greek Mountain Tea) 40 gram

The Shepherd’s Tea, also known as the Greek Mountain Tea, is one of the premium products made from Sideritis Scardica. The health benefits of this herb are well-documented, which makes it highly sought after. 

Consumed regularly, the health benefits include:

Helps with Cold and Flu

We know that nothing cures the common cold, not matter how many years a particular culture has believed otherwise. With sideritis, however, there is some genuine promise. It doesn’t cure the cold outright, of course, but research has proven that this powerful tea can help to eradicate the symptoms and potentially to speed up the recovery.

One of the ways it does this is by acting as an expectorant while alleviating inflamed mucous membranes, reducing sweat and helping to soothe a cough. In fact, according to one official study Sideritis Scardica is beneficial in the symptomatic treatment of colds, flu, bronchitis, and other respiratory illnesses.

Published: 2019 April 1st
Reference: 3.1.2. Plants Used for Respiratory Diseases
Title: Ethnobotanical Study of Medicinal Plants Used in Central Macedonia, Greece

Helps with Insomnia / Improved Sleep

Greek mountain tea has a long history of being used for its relaxing and sedative properties. Based on the chemical constituents of the plant, it appears that a couple pinene metabolites are responsible for this; myrtenol and verbenol.

Research out of Germany reports that the compounds interact with GABA receptors in the brain. This would explain why ironwort is believed to be useful for sleeping/insomnia, anti-stress, and other cognitive benefits.

Title: Sideritis spp. Extracts Enhance Memory and Learning in Alzheimer’s β-Amyloidosis Mouse Models and Aged C57Bl/6 Mice

Helps with Osteoporosis / Arthritis

For thousand of years the Greeks have turned to sideritis in order to help with inflammation and inflammatory diseases, including arthritis. According to one study in 2004, they may have been onto something, because research was able to back up the potential pain killing and anti-inflammatory properties of sideritis. When given to mice, the tea was able to reduce their body’s response to chemical pain stimuli and while mild, the results were very positive when combined with the anti-inflammation.

It’s not going to magically make all of your pain disappear and it’s not going to act with the immediacy or efficiency that you get from NSAIDs. But for a gentle, healthy, side-effect free tea, you can’t ask for much more. And if it is consumed alongside other teas that can also help with inflammation (nettle tea is a great example) you could create the ultimate healthy and beneficial concoction. Considering we’re now being told that NSAIDs increase risk of internal bleeding, heart disease and GERD, it’s a welcome alternative.


Published: 2018 May 8th
Title: Medicinal Plants of the Family Lamiaceae in Pain Therapy: A Review

Helps with Arterial Blood Pressure / High Blood Pressure

Certain dose of Sideritis extract from the Greek mountain tea is assumed to have a relaxing effect on the arterial blood pressure.  This finding was published by a 2012 publication from an animal study. The Sideritis juice seemed to widen blood vessels systemically; as a result, it reduces the work load of the heart and lowers the blood pressure.

Published: 2018 March 23rd
Title: Cognitive and Blood Flow Effects of Mountain Tea

Helps with Anxiety / Depression / ADHD

Drinking Mountain tea is related to depression and anxiety ever since Hippocrates era. Today, scientific research has confirmed this fact, which revealed that the natural antioxidant found in Greek mountain tea, namely flavonoids, are supposed to be able to impede a specific receptor in the human brain. Activation of this brain receptor is claimed to be related with several conditions such as anxiety, depression, mood disorders and Parkinson’s disease.

Published: 2019 April 1st
Reference: 3.1.2. Plants Used for Respiratory Diseases
Title: Ethnobotanical Study of Medicinal Plants Used in Central Macedonia, Greece

Digestion / Stomach Problems

Mountain tea is often drunk after a meal and used as an aid for digestion because it stimulates gastric secretions. Its antimicrobial effects are helpful in avoiding, and getting rid of pathogens that might cause diarrhea and stomach pain. A study from 2007 indicates that the mountain tea has significant anti-inflammatory properties as well as antimicrobial qualities against several common bacteria, including Escherichia coli.

Published: 2012 January 24th
Title: Anti-inflammatory, gastroprotective, and cytotoxic effects of Sideritis scardica extracts

Dementia / Alzheimer's

One of the most interesting studies concerning sideritis in recent years related to the potential memory enhancing benefits of this tea. Researchers tested two varieties of Greek mountain tea, including scardica, to see if could be used in the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease, both as a cure and prevention. The tests were performed on mice, but they reached the conclusion that Greek mountain tea could be both an effective and well tolerated treatment for the symptoms of cognitive impairment.

This study wasn’t completely out of the blue as sideritis tea has been used as an alternative medicine for the treatment of age-related memory disorders in the Mediterranean. Not only is this big news for researchers fighting Alzheimer’s, a disease that kills more than breast cancer and prostate cancer combined in the United States, but it also shows promise in the treatment of other neurological diseases.

Published: 2016 August 3rd
Title: Sideritis spp. Extracts Enhance Memory and Learning in Alzheimer's β-Amyloidosis Mouse Models and Aged C57Bl/6 Mice.

Bacteria Killer / Antimicrobial

When consumed with fresh, organic honey, a cup of Greek mountain tea could be one of the most potent antimicrobial compounds in your diet. The honey provides an additional boost and is a natural antibacterial compound that humans have been consuming for centuries, but the sideritis delivers the powerful knock-out blow to these harmful microbes.

Studies suggest that it can help against common bacteria and that it may even have some benefits against antibiotic resistant bacteria. This is very promising for researchers seeking to find new drugs, but it’s also great for regular consumers of this tea as it gives your body a strong defense against bacteria.

So, forget about Manuka honey and get yourself a cup of Greek mountain tea instead. It’s cheaper, it tastes a lot better, it has a plethora of other health benefits and it could be just as useful in the fight against unseen microbes.

Published: 2012 March 5th
Title: Chemical and Antimicrobial Evaluation of Supercritical and Conventional Sideritis scardica Griseb., Lamiaceae Extracts


The small yellow flowers, leaves and stems of Sideritis are rich in oils and compounds which are known antioxidants. One of these is called kaempherol – a flavenoid with very powerful properties. It has been studied and results indicate that it can be beneficial for a wide range of illnesses (including their prevention) such as leukemia, breast cancer, diabetes and even lung cancer. Presently, this flavenoid is being considered on it’s own as a possible treatment for a variety of cancers.

Other compounds with high antioxidant properties in Sideritis include aglycones, chlorogenic acid (cancer preventing compound), verbascoside (anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial), and many others have also been identified.

Published: 2019 January 28th
Title: Effects of Sideritis scardica Extract on Glucose Tolerance, Triglyceride Levels and Markers of Oxidative Stress in Ovariectomized Rats. 


Olympus Organic brings you this herb straight from the legendary Mount Olympus. To provide you the herb in its purest form, we have achieved Organic certification from both Greek and Australian certifying organisations. DIO Organics is an Inspection and Certification Organisation of Organic Products in Greece, and NASAA Organics is an Australian Organic Certifier.

What Makes Us Different?
We don’t compromise on quality, which can often occur during the manufacturing process. Here’s what we offer from mountain meadow to cup : no machine touch from the source to consumer! To give you the best of the best, our entire process is completed by human hands to retain the herbs potency and high quality.

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